Finding our way

As the leaves continue to fall and November draws near, Elon iMedia’s Class of 2016 is fast approaching the end of our first semester. Yes, we’ve already done quite a bit, but it’s still hard to believe how far we’ve come in such a short time. Each paper, project and assignment offers a unique learning experience, and with each experience, our professional interests take shape. I’m looking forward to so many more great things to come.

Up next is spring registration. The time has come for us to choose electives and we’ve got the hefty challenge of deciding what three classes to take out of some interesting options. There’s SEO, Analytics and Social Media, Multimedia Storytelling, Virtual Environments and Application Development, just to name a few.

We’re also preparing for fly-in projects for the winter term where we’ll experience working as a professional team on a project for the public good. Initial planning is an essential part of the process. Groups are assigning roles to team members and making connections with clients to discuss project goals.

Class projects continue with group and individual assignments in usability testing, creative audio slideshows and website development. We’re learning to use a number of tools in the process and how to apply them in our projects.

We’re also networking with amazing alums and other industry professionals who visit campus to meet with classes and students one-on-one to discuss working in the real world. They also offer up their experiences in applying the skills that we’re learning in the iMedia program.

All of these experiences will impact our professional growth. When we started the program, some of us arrived with a vision of what we wanted to do, some of us didn’t, and many of us have gone back-and-forth a few times. As our skills continue to grow, that vision will become clearer. We certainly have the support and resources to figure it out. Until then, we’ll keep forging ahead to more exciting things to come.


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