Toward a “T”

It could be argued that the first half of the Fall semester focused on a broad overview of the Interactive Media industry. But we’re solidly past the basics now. It all happened so fast, but it’s safe to say that we’re now becoming true experts– and all in different areas.

It’s amazing, really, how we’ve all begun to find our own niche in the field. Some of us fell in love with coding, others with graphic design. Some see themselves as artists, and some as strategists. We’ve begun to settle into Capstone ideas that are exciting and ambitious. It’s an ever-present reminder that 10 months is so short and Elon iMedia is so jam-packed with the development of skills that will stay with us even as technology inevitably changes.

Perhaps without even noticing, we’ve begun to become “T-shaped” professionals— the most valued and coveted in the industry. “T-shaped” professionals have a base of broad skills, but a deep expertise in one or two areas. The Elon iMedia program is designed in a way that encourages students to become “T-shaped”, putting us at a great advantage professionally and personally.

Elon iMedia encourages a “T-shaped” development of skills

As we power through the rest of the semester, each and every one of us will continue to refine our “T”. We will become respected experts in a particular subject within Powell Hall, preparing us for a career in which we are respected experts in the professional world. We are so excited to share our skills with you in coming months!

Embrace the “T”!


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