Have degree, will travel

by maggie mullikin

We have our first iMedia graduate in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Drayton Beebe is a 2015 iMedia graduate. We spoke on the phone about her new opportunity out west. I just love how happy she sounds and this is what she had to say,Unknown

“I’m currently working as a graphic design intern at Teton Gravity Research in Jackson Hole, WY. http://www.tetongravity.com

“After iMedia, I took time at home to figure out how I wanted to use my newfound skills, where I wanted to live, and what kind of company I wanted to work for. I knew I wanted to move west and work for an outdoor company doing graphic design. I love skiing and snow sports and am happy to have ended up in Jackson Hole at TGR.I work with the digital and sales teams creating ads for the site, marketing materials, etc. and the content team creating any visual aids for stories from info graphics to photo editing.

“iMedia teaches you a wide range of skills. Figure out which chunk you want to focus on and build your portfolio around that. If you want to be a web developer, find a professional developer’s portfolio to understand how to showcase fully developed sites you’ve built. Then, figure out how to leverage the other skills you’ve learned when you’re marketing yourself in interviews. The iMedia program is truly unique and the first of its kind. One year for a master’s degree, a wide range of digital knowledge, and international project experience puts you on the fast track into the digital space no matter what your previous knowledge or professional experience is.

“I think as students we are hyper focused on the next step forward and we develop tunnel vision to the next goal. I think this sets us up for failure and or disappointment. Since graduation, I’ve learned that patience, thoughtfulness, and quality over quantity, in applications and your portfolio, are important during the job search process.”

Sapient advice from another talented iMedia graduate.





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