Save the Date: iMedia ’16 Capstone Exhibition set for May 18

The iMedia Class of 2016 Capstone Exhibition is set for Wednesday, May 18 in the Powell Building at Elon.

The annual event gives students a platform to unveil their individual projects to area professionals, potential employers, faculty and staff, prospective students, family and friends.


With just two short months to go before the big showcase, iMedia students are busy developing a plan to host and market the event.

As a part of the planning process, iMedia students were split into three primary groups – public relations, creative and event management. The work of each group is critical to creating a successful capstone exhibition where all students have the opportunity to showcase the incredible work that we’re doing on a diverse array of creative projects.

Team 1 – Public Relations

The public relations team is charged with promoting details of the event on and off Elon’s campus via traditional and social media outreach. The team will develop communication material, determine key audiences and manage the event’s messaging.

Team 2 – Creative

The creative team is responsible for designing a variety of visual elements from print components to web and mobile site development to video and motion graphics. Members of this team will create the logo and identity of the exhibition.

Team 3 – Event Management

The event management team will coordinate the event space, technology requirements and other logistics. The capstone exhibition will be housed on the second and third floors of Powell.

Of course, in the midst of event planning, the work doesn’t stop. We continue to develop our capstone projects and digital portfolios, complete classwork for Spring courses and apply for jobs. No pain, no gain.

Stay tuned for more details. Click here for a look at projects from last year’s iMedia class.


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