Giving Back

by maggie mullikin

I am feeling a little sentimental with this post. Sentimental for many reasons. We are in our seventh iMedia year and some days it simply doesn’t seem possible. However, this week of spring break it does feel possible and I will tell you why. More than ten of our current students are spending their spring break networking around the country. We have students in northern and southern California, New York City, and Washington DC. Each one of these students has been greeted with open arms by the iMedia alum who are living and thriving in these cities. I began reaching out a few weeks ago and each former iMedia student I spoke with was excited at the prospect of meeting with current students, giving advice, offering networking opportunities, and showing off cities and offices. I have seen quite a bit this week on social media as these wonderful people all connect.

As well, we have had a record number of iMedia graduates return this year to speak to our current students. They have been so generous with their time, answering questions, assuaging fears, discussing the ups and downs of the job search but always emphasizing the fact that this degree opens doors. When employers look at what has been accomplished in these ten months they ask more questions, become more curious, and more often than not, make offers.

Our graduates come back to campus on a regular basis to help with iMedia open houses and they speak to prospective students who want to better understand the processes, the classes, and the culture of the program. We will be hosting our final iMedia open house for spring 2016 on April the 5th and, again, we will have alumni give their valuable perspective.

Our iMedia graduates truly are giving back. And in the blink of an eye, our class of 2016 will be giving back themselves.


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