Gearing Up for Graduation

Can you believe that May is almost here? It seems like just yesterday we were writing ‘Eye on iMedia’ posts welcoming our fellow students to the Elon iMedia Class of 2016! Now we’re hammering away at our keyboards day-and-night, working hard to create the best darn Capstone projects that the interactive media field has to offer.


A 100% accurate depiction of Elon iMedia students right now

Our projects are so varied, as are our interests. Students are working with a myriad of topics, from interactive journalism to mobile app development to virtual reality. We’re developing deep expertise in areas we had the chance to explore (and subsequently fall in love with) during the Fall semester.

Jacob Grady, for instance, has unearthed a passion for coding. Currently, Jacob spends countless hours working to produce MyTeam, a mobile application that matches users with pick-up athletic events in a given area.

Salma Tantawi, on the other hand, loves to write and to help others find their own writing inspiration. Her capstone focuses on doing just that. She’s created Scribblers’ Hub, an online resource for writers, featuring intriguing articles and inspirational material designed to boost productivity.

These are just a couple examples of projects in the works by members of the Class of 2016. Our Capstone Exhibition will offer opportunities to explore all of the exciting projects our students have dedicated the Spring semester to refining. We hope you’ll come see all of the amazing things we’ve developed on Wednesday, May 18th!

Keep an eye on the ‘Eye on iMedia’ blog for updates, and make sure to follow Elon iMedia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information about the 2016 Capstone Exhibition!


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