Save the Date: iMedia ’16 Capstone Exhibition set for May 18

The iMedia Class of 2016 Capstone Exhibition is set for Wednesday, May 18 in the Powell Building at Elon.

The annual event gives students a platform to unveil their individual projects to area professionals, potential employers, faculty and staff, prospective students, family and friends.


With just two short months to go before the big showcase, iMedia students are busy developing a plan to host and market the event.

As a part of the planning process, iMedia students were split into three primary groups – public relations, creative and event management. The work of each group is critical to creating a successful capstone exhibition where all students have the opportunity to showcase the incredible work that we’re doing on a diverse array of creative projects.

Team 1 – Public Relations

The public relations team is charged with promoting details of the event on and off Elon’s campus via traditional and social media outreach. The team will develop communication material, determine key audiences and manage the event’s messaging.

Team 2 – Creative

The creative team is responsible for designing a variety of visual elements from print components to web and mobile site development to video and motion graphics. Members of this team will create the logo and identity of the exhibition.

Team 3 – Event Management

The event management team will coordinate the event space, technology requirements and other logistics. The capstone exhibition will be housed on the second and third floors of Powell.

Of course, in the midst of event planning, the work doesn’t stop. We continue to develop our capstone projects and digital portfolios, complete classwork for Spring courses and apply for jobs. No pain, no gain.

Stay tuned for more details. Click here for a look at projects from last year’s iMedia class.


Setting the Course for Capstone Success

We made it! We’re back from our incredible winter term flyins. If you missed our presentations, you can view the replay online here.

So what’s next? We’re a week into our spring and final semester of the iMedia program and we’ve got a lot to think about. We’ll be graduating in a few short months. Before that, we’ve got resumes to update and jobs to apply for. But that’s not all. We also have to conquer the capstone.

In lieu of a thesis, the iMedia program requires that students complete an individual capstone interactive media project accompanied by an explanatory paper. Students come up with their own capstone ideas in the realm of news, entertainment, informational services or strategic communications, and work to transform those ideas into fully functional presentations. Capstone projects are revealed to industry professionals, family and friends at a final exhibition prior to graduation at the end of the semester.

Some students knew what they wanted to do when they entered the program, some are refining ideas developed during our first semester in iMedia and others are still deciding which idea they will commit to. No matter where our passions lie, it’s become clear that setting the course to a successful capstone is a process.

Planning is an essential first step. Many of us will start this planning process by completing a project treatment that delves deeper into our approach to the project. The treatment evaluates purpose, methods to completing the project, technologies that will be utilized or required, and any roadblocks or concerns related to completing the project. Beyond the treatment, we will compare and contrast our projects with existing competitors. In addition, we will use tactics such as Design Sprints to test problems associated with design or other aspects of our projects. We also will consult with others outside of the program to serve as external reviewers of our work.

It’s true, we’ve got our work cut out for us, and this is just the beginning. But there’s no turning back. With just three months left in iMedia, the finish line is in sight.

Finding our way

As the leaves continue to fall and November draws near, Elon iMedia’s Class of 2016 is fast approaching the end of our first semester. Yes, we’ve already done quite a bit, but it’s still hard to believe how far we’ve come in such a short time. Each paper, project and assignment offers a unique learning experience, and with each experience, our professional interests take shape. I’m looking forward to so many more great things to come.

Up next is spring registration. The time has come for us to choose electives and we’ve got the hefty challenge of deciding what three classes to take out of some interesting options. There’s SEO, Analytics and Social Media, Multimedia Storytelling, Virtual Environments and Application Development, just to name a few.

We’re also preparing for fly-in projects for the winter term where we’ll experience working as a professional team on a project for the public good. Initial planning is an essential part of the process. Groups are assigning roles to team members and making connections with clients to discuss project goals.

Class projects continue with group and individual assignments in usability testing, creative audio slideshows and website development. We’re learning to use a number of tools in the process and how to apply them in our projects.

We’re also networking with amazing alums and other industry professionals who visit campus to meet with classes and students one-on-one to discuss working in the real world. They also offer up their experiences in applying the skills that we’re learning in the iMedia program.

All of these experiences will impact our professional growth. When we started the program, some of us arrived with a vision of what we wanted to do, some of us didn’t, and many of us have gone back-and-forth a few times. As our skills continue to grow, that vision will become clearer. We certainly have the support and resources to figure it out. Until then, we’ll keep forging ahead to more exciting things to come.

An iMedia Way of Life

Just a few weeks in, it’s abundantly clear that graduate school is a process.

Monumental in itself, in many ways, the experience of Elon iMedia is comparable to some of life’s greatest milestones.

Consider this: by the time fall classes officially started at Elon on August 25, my classmates and I had already been birthed into this new world of interactive media.

Wide-eyed and eager, we spent our early days in an intensive, three-week digital boot camp. The crash course in photography and video production, coding and design swiftly set the pace and tone of this fully immersive program. Our initial development was measured by select creative projects, completed individually and as teams.

Elon iMedia's Class of 2016

Elon iMedia’s Class of 2016

Now, in our third week of classes, we forge ahead. Though still in our infancy in the program, our futures are starting to take shape. We’re getting a sense of the career paths we’ll take as we continue to develop our technical skills. Of course environment and support are critical in this stage. Lucky for us, we’re at Elon with resources and opportunities at every turn, from the amazing professors and staff in our department, to career services specific to our industry, and even social support with the tradition of College Coffee each week (yes, it’s awesome).

As we continue to grow, there will undoubtedly be challenges. Some we’re already beginning to see through research projects, learning programming languages or simply learning where our interests fit in.

But just as in life, there’s also a lot to look forward to. We’ll soon learn more about our fly-in projects for the winter term, we’ll continue to network with alums and other professionals who are doing amazing things in the industry and we’ll eventually showcase who we’ve become through creative capstone projects at the end of the program.

While our goals may evolve as we mature through the program, every component of iMedia is designed to give us exactly what we need to be successful. We’ve got many days and weeks ahead, but when it’s all said and done, I hope to one day look back, and say I lived my iMedia life to the fullest.