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Gearing Up for Graduation

Can you believe that May is almost here? It seems like just yesterday we were writing ‘Eye on iMedia’ posts welcoming our fellow students to the Elon iMedia Class of 2016! Now we’re hammering away at our keyboards day-and-night, working hard to create the best darn Capstone projects that the interactive media field has to offer.


A 100% accurate depiction of Elon iMedia students right now

Our projects are so varied, as are our interests. Students are working with a myriad of topics, from interactive journalism to mobile app development to virtual reality. We’re developing deep expertise in areas we had the chance to explore (and subsequently fall in love with) during the Fall semester.

Jacob Grady, for instance, has unearthed a passion for coding. Currently, Jacob spends countless hours working to produce MyTeam, a mobile application that matches users with pick-up athletic events in a given area.

Salma Tantawi, on the other hand, loves to write and to help others find their own writing inspiration. Her capstone focuses on doing just that. She’s created Scribblers’ Hub, an online resource for writers, featuring intriguing articles and inspirational material designed to boost productivity.

These are just a couple examples of projects in the works by members of the Class of 2016. Our Capstone Exhibition will offer opportunities to explore all of the exciting projects our students have dedicated the Spring semester to refining. We hope you’ll come see all of the amazing things we’ve developed on Wednesday, May 18th!

Keep an eye on the ‘Eye on iMedia’ blog for updates, and make sure to follow Elon iMedia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information about the 2016 Capstone Exhibition!


Don’t Know Where You’re Headed? Don’t Fret!

With graduation less than three months away, “what are you going to do?” is the question eating at everyone’s conscience.

Some of us have a crystal-clear idea, and some of us don’t. Either way, that’s totally okay. You’re going to be fine.


Maybe you’ll land a job that you’ll end up loving right after graduation. Maybe you’ll land a job you’ll end up hating. That’s totally okay. You’re going to be fine. Repeat it to yourself: “It’s totally okay. I’m going to be fine.”

In fact, you’re going to be better than fine. You’re going to rock this whole “career” thing. If you don’t know what you want to do right now, who cares? The average American changes careers several times throughout the course of his or her working life, and 91% of millenials don’t expect to remain in their current position for more than 3 years. 

Taking the time to explore different areas is becoming the “new normal”, and there’s something to be said for experiencing several possible paths before settling into something on a more permanent basis.

The important thing to remember is that everything is a learning experience and, especially in the interactive media field, we can never stop actively seeking out ways to expand our knowledge. Whether it’s via interactions with difficult clients, e-learning courses on topics that interest us, or following industry blogs, every little bit counts in this ever-changing digital landscape.

So whether or not you currently have a good idea of what you want to do in May, try not to view it as settling into a position for the rest of your life. View it as the next step in your lifelong education. You can always shift focuses.

Luckily for you, the iMedia program has thoroughly prepared you to tackle any number of career paths in the digital realm. Our education has sculpted us into flexible, “T-shaped” professionals, and whether we end up loving our first job or hating it, we’re going to be in a fantastic position to grow, transition, and otherwise take the “real world” by storm.

Toward a “T”

It could be argued that the first half of the Fall semester focused on a broad overview of the Interactive Media industry. But we’re solidly past the basics now. It all happened so fast, but it’s safe to say that we’re now becoming true experts– and all in different areas.

It’s amazing, really, how we’ve all begun to find our own niche in the field. Some of us fell in love with coding, others with graphic design. Some see themselves as artists, and some as strategists. We’ve begun to settle into Capstone ideas that are exciting and ambitious. It’s an ever-present reminder that 10 months is so short and Elon iMedia is so jam-packed with the development of skills that will stay with us even as technology inevitably changes.

Perhaps without even noticing, we’ve begun to become “T-shaped” professionals— the most valued and coveted in the industry. “T-shaped” professionals have a base of broad skills, but a deep expertise in one or two areas. The Elon iMedia program is designed in a way that encourages students to become “T-shaped”, putting us at a great advantage professionally and personally.

Elon iMedia encourages a “T-shaped” development of skills

As we power through the rest of the semester, each and every one of us will continue to refine our “T”. We will become respected experts in a particular subject within Powell Hall, preparing us for a career in which we are respected experts in the professional world. We are so excited to share our skills with you in coming months!

Embrace the “T”!

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2016 Fly-In Destinations Announced!

One of the first things we learn in iMedia is that, for the first couple months of school, professors are serious about keeping our fly-in destinations a secret. Yesterday was an exciting day for all of us, because we finally learned about the 2016 destinations! While we still don’t know exactly where each of us will be traveling in January, we know that we’ll be going on one of the following exciting trips for 7-10 days:

  • Professor Nicole Triche, along with Maggie Mullikin, will be taking a group of students to Belize‘s second-largest city, San Ignacio. Students will be working to develop multimedia content for “Cornerstone Foundation Belize“, a local non-profit.
  • Dr. David Copeland’s group will be traveling to the mountains of Costa Rica, where they will live with the indigenous Boruca people, helping them gain web-presence so that Boruca artisans may sell their handmade goods and support their community.
  • Dr. Derek Lackaff will be taking a group to Inverin, an Irish-speaking village on the West coast of Ireland. Students will be helping to create a web-presence for a local program striving to preserve the indigenous Irish language.
  • Professor Phillip Motley’s group will be traveling to the Dominican Republic. Though the exact location has not yet been decided, an invaluable, life-changing experience is surely in order for all.
  • Professor Randy Piland will be taking a group of students to Guatemala. The exact location and project have also not yet been decided, but several potential options have been identified.

On October 6, we will be assigned to our teams following a “drafting” process. Each of us will be given a job duty to perform, utilizing the wealth of skills we’ve already developed in our short time as iMedia students.

Stay tuned for more information about 2016 Fly-Ins!