Seven Signs We’re iMmersed in iMedia

We are two weeks from finishing one of our classes this semester, and it’s hard to believe we’ve been working in iMedia for two whole months. There is a new challenge to tackle every day, but some things have remained consistent. Here are seven ways we’ve been immersed in iMedia!

  1. We survived bootcamp!


It was a tough three weeks, but we made it through! Bootcamp gave us a crash course in all the programs and tools we need to be iMedia wizards and we aced it! If we can do it, you can too! 

2. We’re reading so much we’re pretty much ready to write our own book on media principles.


Okay, maybe we couldn’t write a whole book, but definitely at least a literature review for our capstone projects next spring.

3. We may or may not be surviving on caffeine and caffeine alone.


How else are we supposed to crank out that lit review (plus the seven other projects we have lined up)? We have four coffee and tea machines in our lounge that our fellow classmates have loaned us for those late nights (thanks, guys!).

4. We’ve coded at least one 90s-lookin’ website that’s still pretty rad.


Are your friends coding websites? I think not! You go, master coder!

5. We’ve found a niche group of friends in the program, and everyone is here to support each other.


We bring each other coffee, the stuff friendships are built on.

6. We’re getting more and more excited about the fly-in every day.


We’re super pumped to get outta town and collaborate with our group members – wherever we might go with whomever they might be! We find out soon which country we’ll be working in and who our group members are, but “soon” feels awfully far away.

7. We’ve got our eyes on the prize.


In eight months we’ll all have a Master’s Degree in Interactive Media and all the hard work will be worth it. In the meantime, we’re soaking up every bit of knowledge that we can – keep your heads up, iMedia 2017!!


Keep Your Eye on the Prize

by maggie mullikin

Jenna Wagner, a 2011 Interactive Media graduate returned to Elon to speak with the new class – the class of 2017. Jenna was a wealth of information regarding her personal experiences as an iMedia student, the career path she has been on since graduating, and her detailed explanation of specific roles she has taken on with her new job. Jenna is currently the Public Relations & Marketing Director for the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation.

Upon graduation from JMU, Jenna attended Elon University’s Interactive Media Master’s program in Elon, NC. Focusing on further honing her skills and determining her career path. With guidance from her mentors, she landed in Charlotte, NC pursuing a career in motorsports, one of her greatest passions. After working in the industry as a graphic designer, project manager and digital marketer, Jenna returned home to Virginia to learn more about non-profit, government and ultimately develop her home region of Southwest Virginia.

Jenna spends her days on relationship marketing and promoting Southwest Virginia as a tourism destination. This includes graphic design, social media marketing, website development and event management.

After Jenna spoke about her present title she then listed, “what else I do.”

Marketing strategy | Social media strategy & execution | Focus groups | Relationship building and marketing | Website development | Content generation (photos, videos, etc.) | Graphic design | Budgeting | Grant writing | Storytelling | Asset Management | Event management & promotion | Merchandise | Database management |

Jenna’s enthusiasm was contagious. Her advice and reflections could not have been more clear. The hard work today will pay off tomorrow.



From Surviving Digital Bootcamp to Thriving in the Fall Semester

Entering into week 4 of the fall semester, it is hard to believe how far we have all come since the beginning of August!

As new iMedia students, we were put through a grueling three-week Digital Media Workshop (also known as bootcamp), during the month of August – I would be lying if I said that it was all rainbows and butterflies. However, you literally hit the ground running and I can assure you, that is the best (and busiest) three weeks of your life.

For 4 of the 5 days each week, you are in one of three sections (switching to a new section each week), with three days of learning and a final on the 4th day. Trust me, this final you are fully prepared for!

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography & Video Production
  • Web Development & Design

Also, during these three weeks, you are divided up into groups to complete a bootcamp final project consisting of assignments we have learned over the past three weeks:

  • A logo (created in Adobe Illustrator)
  • A video (created mainly in Adobe Premiere)
  • An animation (created in Adobe AfterEffects)
  • A website – that we code in our group and include each of the above projects

GroupPic.jpgFor my groups’ bootcamp project, we chose to express our personal creativity and comment on the “bootcamp” experience by spoofing the beloved Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. With such an upbeat and fun project, we were able to demonstrate the variety of new skills we have learned while conveying the positive outlook that we have on the upcoming semester. All twenty-six students in this program deserve our sincerest recognition and gratitude, as we will continue to learn from and lean on each other as we accomplish our goals and truly become THE BEST of Powell-Air. Be sure to view our website for The Best of Powell Air!

You may wonder how what the point of the Digital Media Workshop is or how it prepares you for the fall semester? The answer is simple. Everything you learn in “bootcamp” is either a new concept or an in-depth review of something you may have learned in the past. Regardless, you work with the best professors and learn much more than you ever though possible in the short time of three weeks.

Meet Our #iMedia17 Bloggers

It’s nearly a month into the fall semester and students in Elon’s eighth Interactive Media class are well on their way to discovering all the program has to offer. And just as in previous years, they want to share their details about their journey with you here on the Eye on iMedia blog.

As you can imagine, the 10 months in iMedia go fast and a lot can (and does) happens. From alumni visits and class projects to winter flyins and career exploration, the year will be full of amazing experiences and we look forward to bringing conversations about those things to the blog. In case you’re wondering which students you’ll be hearing from, check out the bios below – but don’t be surprised if a few other post from time to time.


Ashley Anderson


Marquita Brown


Katie Carpenter


Ginny Merrill


Beth Pandone


Kristen Rivera




For more information about this year’s bloggers and the entire #iMedia17 class, visit the “Meet the Class” page.

Along with the students’ reflections, you’ll read posts from staff. Maggie Mullikin, Coordinator of Graduate Outreach & Special Programs, will discuss happenings and careers with iMedia alumni; Amber McCraw, Assistant Director of Career Services, Communications, will discuss career development; and Tarah Holland, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions (that’s me), will discuss a variety of topics related to iMedia admissions. We may also have a few guests posts additional staff throughout the year.

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For more about the iMedia program, visit

Gearing Up for Graduation

Can you believe that May is almost here? It seems like just yesterday we were writing ‘Eye on iMedia’ posts welcoming our fellow students to the Elon iMedia Class of 2016! Now we’re hammering away at our keyboards day-and-night, working hard to create the best darn Capstone projects that the interactive media field has to offer.


A 100% accurate depiction of Elon iMedia students right now

Our projects are so varied, as are our interests. Students are working with a myriad of topics, from interactive journalism to mobile app development to virtual reality. We’re developing deep expertise in areas we had the chance to explore (and subsequently fall in love with) during the Fall semester.

Jacob Grady, for instance, has unearthed a passion for coding. Currently, Jacob spends countless hours working to produce MyTeam, a mobile application that matches users with pick-up athletic events in a given area.

Salma Tantawi, on the other hand, loves to write and to help others find their own writing inspiration. Her capstone focuses on doing just that. She’s created Scribblers’ Hub, an online resource for writers, featuring intriguing articles and inspirational material designed to boost productivity.

These are just a couple examples of projects in the works by members of the Class of 2016. Our Capstone Exhibition will offer opportunities to explore all of the exciting projects our students have dedicated the Spring semester to refining. We hope you’ll come see all of the amazing things we’ve developed on Wednesday, May 18th!

Keep an eye on the ‘Eye on iMedia’ blog for updates, and make sure to follow Elon iMedia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information about the 2016 Capstone Exhibition!

Giving Back

by maggie mullikin

I am feeling a little sentimental with this post. Sentimental for many reasons. We are in our seventh iMedia year and some days it simply doesn’t seem possible. However, this week of spring break it does feel possible and I will tell you why. More than ten of our current students are spending their spring break networking around the country. We have students in northern and southern California, New York City, and Washington DC. Each one of these students has been greeted with open arms by the iMedia alum who are living and thriving in these cities. I began reaching out a few weeks ago and each former iMedia student I spoke with was excited at the prospect of meeting with current students, giving advice, offering networking opportunities, and showing off cities and offices. I have seen quite a bit this week on social media as these wonderful people all connect.

As well, we have had a record number of iMedia graduates return this year to speak to our current students. They have been so generous with their time, answering questions, assuaging fears, discussing the ups and downs of the job search but always emphasizing the fact that this degree opens doors. When employers look at what has been accomplished in these ten months they ask more questions, become more curious, and more often than not, make offers.

Our graduates come back to campus on a regular basis to help with iMedia open houses and they speak to prospective students who want to better understand the processes, the classes, and the culture of the program. We will be hosting our final iMedia open house for spring 2016 on April the 5th and, again, we will have alumni give their valuable perspective.

Our iMedia graduates truly are giving back. And in the blink of an eye, our class of 2016 will be giving back themselves.

Save the Date: iMedia ’16 Capstone Exhibition set for May 18

The iMedia Class of 2016 Capstone Exhibition is set for Wednesday, May 18 in the Powell Building at Elon.

The annual event gives students a platform to unveil their individual projects to area professionals, potential employers, faculty and staff, prospective students, family and friends.


With just two short months to go before the big showcase, iMedia students are busy developing a plan to host and market the event.

As a part of the planning process, iMedia students were split into three primary groups – public relations, creative and event management. The work of each group is critical to creating a successful capstone exhibition where all students have the opportunity to showcase the incredible work that we’re doing on a diverse array of creative projects.

Team 1 – Public Relations

The public relations team is charged with promoting details of the event on and off Elon’s campus via traditional and social media outreach. The team will develop communication material, determine key audiences and manage the event’s messaging.

Team 2 – Creative

The creative team is responsible for designing a variety of visual elements from print components to web and mobile site development to video and motion graphics. Members of this team will create the logo and identity of the exhibition.

Team 3 – Event Management

The event management team will coordinate the event space, technology requirements and other logistics. The capstone exhibition will be housed on the second and third floors of Powell.

Of course, in the midst of event planning, the work doesn’t stop. We continue to develop our capstone projects and digital portfolios, complete classwork for Spring courses and apply for jobs. No pain, no gain.

Stay tuned for more details. Click here for a look at projects from last year’s iMedia class.