Demand for iMedia Skills Continues to Grow

You’ve probably started to notice the shift. #iMedia17 has shared details about projects, offered insight about class assignments, and now, students are preparing for the end of their 10-month graduate school journeys. With just a little more than two months left before graduation, the job search is on and the pace for life after iMedia will be soon be set for these budding professionals.

And there’s a lot to look forward to. A quick internet search sheds light on how much digital and creative skills are in demand in a wide range of industries. Look further and you’ll learn more about the benefits of working in digital careers, key skills needed and the most sought-after job titles.

With help from CNNMoney and Payscale, let’s take a peek at a few iMedia-friendly positions and the job outlook of each. In the Best Jobs in American 2017 list, these sources highlight the “top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work.” Here are 10 jobs from the list that are popular among iMedia graduates.

#1 – Mobile Applications Developer $97,100 19%
#14 – Webmaster $61,200 27%
#26 – Community Relations Manager $63,600 10%
#30 – Brand Manager $89,800 9%
#42 – Social Media Manager  $57,400 9%
#47 – Front End Developer/Engineer $81,000 27%
#56 – Videographer $49,600 12%
#57 – User Interface Designer $73,800  27%
#68 – Content Strategist $84,400 19%
#99 – User Experience Designer $85,900 13%

Visit CNNMoney for the complete list. For more about the Elon M.A. in Interactive Media program, visit



iMedia Expectations

by Brad Berkner

Are you a designer? Are you a front-end developer or are passionate about project management?  These are questions the iMedia students ask of themselves before entering the program. Some students arrive at Elon with clear determination and specific goals while others find their path along the way. Many students find their path through course work and social engagement. As they prepare to graduate next week, I’ve asked our Class of 2012 what they thought entering the program and how it has stayed true to, or altered, their path.

Charity Holloway

I didn’t know what to expect when I first entered the program. I could barely even describe what interactive media was. However, I suspected I would learn skills like making a website. This program seemed to be skill based which was the reason I decided to take on this challenge. What I’ve learned surpassed my expectations. Coming into the program not knowing anything about interactive media and leaving with an arsenal of skills is very rewarding. Unlike my undergraduate degree, I feel like I can actually get a job based on what I’ve learned. There are students who feel the program did not offer enough in video, social media, or marketing. This program is great for people like me who are eager to learn and take on new challenges.

Carey Brown

When I entered the iMedia program, my hope was to increase my skill set and find something I’m passionate about. I also hoped I would be challenged and grow as a person. iMedia has given me the opportunity to do something I love. In this world, you have to work and everyone should enjoy what they do. I’m happy to say I’m one of those people and iMedia taught me how to achieve my goals. I wasn’t 100% sure about a specific career or skill coming into the program but I learned quickly what I was passionate about. iMedia provides great flexibility for students to explore and mold their own futures.

Ty Gwennap

Originally, I wanted to do web development. I wanted to be able to design and build a website from start to finish. In answering whether this has met my goals,  I would say yes and no. I learned what I set out to learn (scratched the surface), but I have an appreciation for the strategy and creativity behind the project as well. I’m not sure if I want to be a full-time developer, but I do want to incorporate it into a strategic production career.

Jessica Gerber

Entering the program, I expected to learn a range of skills and an overview of theory and social media best practices. It has definitely aligned with my goals of becoming a project manager for digital projects, as I now have full understanding of the digital media landscape.